Browella was established in 2010 
We are a friendly and dedicated team that concentrates on your own personal needs and desires when it comes down to beauty. 
Browella has grown over these 13 years, from a business based in an apartment room, to a welcoming amazing  beauty salon that has room for every beauty and hair treatment you will need.
This growth has opened the salon up to new opportunities, as new therapists have come forward to represent Browella, offering new and improved treatments that we didn’t offer beforehand. 
At Browella, we now have 6 fully trained therapists in treatments ranging from hair, makeup, facials, brows to nails! 
Here at Browella, we want you to feel comfortable. We understand some treatments can be scary, but our team tries their very best to make your experience relaxing and enjoyable. 
If you’re wanting a day to yourself to be pampered, we offer our ‘lounge experience’ a dine in experience of breakfast or lunch of your choice. 
We look forward to the pampering and making you feel incredible!! 

Love Browella Team

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