Why get manicures? It is important to have healthy, clean, and strong nails; especially if you work in a place where clients or customers see your hands on a daily basis. Your nails should appear smooth and clear without any ridges.

Basic hygiene care for them should be an important part of your daily routine. Changing your nails can change how you feel about yourself.


Wake Me Up Facial

The perfect facial if you do not have much time to spare but are in need of a lift. Consists of a double cleanse, a facial exfoliation to get rid of any dead/dull skin, followed by a revitalising mask. Will leave the skin feeling fresh and recharged.


Deep Cleansing Facial

This treatment will flush out impurities, increase circulation and decongest clogged pores. It will balance the skin and leave it feeling deeply cleansed, brighter and will improve skin texture.


Deluxe Facial

This once-a-month boost for your skin will oxygenate, firm, tone and nourish, leaving it feeling supple and looking healthy. It contains all of the elements that the skin requires to stay healthy.


Deesse Light Therapy

Deesse light therapy mask is the skin care equipment using LED light, for the people who desire to have a clear, elastic and improved skin. The mask has three modes:

Mode 1
Wrinkle improvement (elasticity of the skin), pigmentation improvement, skin troubles due to sensitive skin.

Mode 2
Youth or adult who has skin problems such as acne.

Mode 3
Overall skin improvement, for a mixture of skin problems.


Skin Stimulating LED Facial

This treatment will improve clients with particular skin concerns e.g. Acne, Dehydration, Rosacea etc. It will leave the skin feeling more firm, hydrated, smooth and give a clearer complexion.


Stand-Alone Skin Stimulating LED Facial

This can be used while having any other treatment e.g. manicure, pedicure or LED mask can be used solely

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